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Canadian CSR Fund

"We are pleased to be working with valuable local community organizations that provide the much-needed social programs for food security, health services, shelter, and housing to Metro Vancouver's most vulnerable.” – Liane Kelly, B2Gold Corp. Board Member & Advisor of B2Gold Canadian CSR Fund Committee

B2Gold’s Canadian Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Fund was established to address complex social issues locally in Vancouver*, Canada – where the company is headquartered. The Fund invests in programs to support people living with challenges associated with poverty, mental health, addiction, violence, and abuse.

If you believe that your organization contributes to these social issues and would benefit from B2Gold’s support, please fill in the application form and send to We accept applications at any time; however, applications are only reviewed three times a year.

If you are interested in applying for CSR funding in Namibia, Mali or Philippines, please submit your enquiry to

*Projects in British Columbia or Canada will be considered if they are highly attractive and exceed in meeting project criteria.

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