Responsible Mining

Environmental Responsibility

B2Gold’s commitment to environmental stewardship translates to the efficient use of natural resources, minimizing the impact on, and conserving the quality of, the natural environment in areas where we operate.

B2Gold’s operations span a diverse range of ecosystems across multiple continents, from the subtropical and semi-arid savannah/shrubland of west and southern Africa to the tropical forests of the Philippines. Our Environmental and Biodiversity Policies address the key environmental risks our business faces and our commitments in these areas.

“In many aspects, we are encouraged to find ways to go beyond compliance. We have identified and embraced opportunities for ESG innovation. It is this creative approach that ignites us.”

Clive Johnson, President & CEO, B2Gold Corp.

2020 Performance Highlights

  • Integrated Climate Risk Management Strategy
  • 28% water recycled at Fekola and Otjikoto operations
  • 13GWh of electricity from renewable sources
  • No fines or sanctions *

Energy & Climate Change

“B2Gold is one of several companies showcased by the World Gold Council as industry leaders already taking advantage of opportunities to reduce emissions through renewable energy solutions.”
Gold and climate change – Current and future impacts, World Gold Council research paper
(published October 2019)

B2Gold recognizes that society, including business, must act against climate change and we are implementing a series of changes within the Company as a key aspect of our global Environmental Strategic Plan. The strategy focuses on assessing and reducing our carbon footprint, incorporating climate change risk management into business planning/design, and increasing our external reporting and accountability.

B2Gold published our inaugural Climate Strategy Report in February 2022 on climate-related risks, opportunities and strategic planning. The Climate Strategy Report expands our climate-related disclosure and aims to help our stakeholders understand how we are managing climate-related risk. The Report was prepared in alignment with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations.
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“Water is a valuable resource - reliable and sustainable water sources are vital to our operations and to local communities.”

Clean and reliable water supplies are vital for the growing human population and for the health of the environment. These water sources are also fundamental to the success of our operations, including mining and ore processing activities. As water is critical to our business, we recognize the need to use water efficiently, protect water resources, and collaborate with stakeholders to effectively manage this shared resource.

As part of our efforts to continually improve sustainability performance disclosure, B2Gold released a Water Risk Statement in February 2022. The Water Risk Statement focuses on our water risk management approach and strategy and presents a summary of our 2021 water risk assessment.
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“The extraction of a resource from the ground can be used to effect positive change, and to finance creative solutions to pressing challenges like diminishing biodiversity, climate change, and the threats that a fast-moving world pose to communities’ livelihoods. ”

Clive Johnson, President & CEO, B2Gold Corp.

Mining activities have the potential to impact biodiversity and to alter ecosystems, in both direct and indirect pathways. We are committed to biodiversity conservation in our areas of influence. Our Biodiversity Policy and Biodiversity Performance Standard guide our biodiversity management strategy. Where biodiversity management and protection are identified as a potential or actual environmental risk, operations must develop, implement, communicate, and adhere to a Biodiversity Management Plan.
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Mine Reclamation

“B2Gold is taking responsibility to ensure our legacies will bring opportunities for future generations.”

B2Gold applies an integrated and multidisciplinary approach to mine closure and transition, with an awareness of the need to plan for the social and environmental changes that may occur while also ensuring the safety of communities. Our goal is to exercise integrated mine lifecycle planning, to reduce closure risks and liabilities, and to create value for the business and our stakeholders.
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