Responsible Mining

Our Approach

B2Gold is committed to responsible mining – developing resources in a way that is protective of people, respectful of human rights and cultural heritage, creates economic development, and acts as a steward of the natural environment. We engage openly with our stakeholders, guided by our principles of fairness, respect, transparency, and accountability, in all aspects of our business. Our management approach is to work within social, economic, and environmental contexts in a way that delivers positive and sustainable outcomes for our business and for all our stakeholders.

Our approach and commitment are reflected across the company starting with our Board’s Health, Safety, Environment, Social and Security Committee Charter, and our Social Responsibility and Human Rights, Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental and Biodiversity Policies.

“It is the responsibility of the mining industry to ensure that the benefits of mining extend beyond the life of the mine itself, and stakeholders from government and communities to shareholders are increasingly calling on mining companies to operate more efficiently and with greater consideration for the environment and communities in which we operate.”

Ken Jones, Director of Sustainability, B2Gold Corp.

2020 Performance Highlights

Our Economic Contribution

  • Record annual gold production – 12th consecutive year
  • $1.8 Billion Annual Revenue
  • $145M paid as Employee Wages and Benefits
  • $14.4M spent on Community Investment
  • $419M paid to Governments (through taxes and royalties)

Our Environment

  • 3-tier Climate Risk Management Strategy
  • 28% water recycled at Fekola and Otjikoto operations
  • 13GWh of electricity from renewable sources
  • No fines or sanctions

Our People

  • Successful management of COVID-19 pandemic and protection of our workforce
  • Increases in female workforce representation; 13.4% Female overall; 23% Female in Senior Positions
  • 95% Local Employment
  • 5 consecutive yearsNo fatalities
  • 0.06 LTIFR, 0.27 TRIFR, both Company all-time lows

Our Communities

  • Over $370M spent with local suppliers
  • Updated Social Responsibility and Human Rights Policy
  • Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights (VPSHR) Risk Assessment and Training conducted at Otjikoto
  • PDAC 2021 Sustainability Award for resettlement and community development work at Fekola Mine
  • Completion of AFECK partnership (vocational training program) and successful transfer to local municipality

Responsible Mining Report

Our Responsible Mining Report is our main vehicle for communicating our performance on environment, social and governance (ESG) issues. Reporting allows us to examine ourselves critically, determine how we can be our best, and raise the bar on our performance. Our Report demonstrates how B2Gold manages ESG risk and how we are mining responsibly.

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